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Making a Spectacle

I think it's safe to say that the Viral Media Index of the Charlie Sheen meltdown has finally subsided to a non-toxic level with his public antics no longer contagious nor risking further infection.   read more


Marketing Hollywood Style

Once the 83rd Academy Awards nominations were announced, entertainment media types and movie fans alike began their annual winner predictions.  read more


Groundhog Day: A Missed Marketing Opportunity?

In this wired age of 24/7 connectivity, every moment seems to have the potential of becoming a pop culture event teetering on the brink of some media extravaganza.  read more


Are You Ready For Some Football Commercials?

Anyone who watches NFL football in the postseason is well accustomed to the pre-game puffery that precedes each game.  read more


Cashing In On Media Celebrity

You may have seen the recent media buzz over Ted Williams, the homeless man from Columbus Ohio whose splendid baritone voice is rapidly spreading across the pop culture ionosphere.  read more


Bonus Feature:

The Book of Murray,
The Untold Story of the Thirteenth Apostle  read more